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Fresno State Alumni

Getting Started with CareerShift 

Getting Started

CareerShift is FREE for all alumni courtesy of the Fresno State Alumni Association. Create your free account and set up your free profile to get started! 

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Tips and Tricks

My Jobs
Search thousands of opportunities from employer websites, published job listings, professional association sites, and other search engines. 
In using this tool to find opportunities, the keyword search is extremely important. Pay specific attention to what titles companies are using to describe their positions.

My Contacts
Using the My Contacts tab in CareerShift, you can find alumni in a particular industry or company. If you are seeking a contact within a specific company with whom you can conduct an informational interview, you can search in the contacts section to find the best connection.

My Documents
Upload your resume and cover letter for easy online access.  Use the online document editing tool that allows you to quickly edit saved documents for re-sending. If you need to change an address or revise your experiences/skills, CareerShift allows these edits to existing files within the system without having to upload a new document.

My Campaigns
Set up email campaigns to follow-up on previous applications.  As you apply for jobs and acquire contacts, you can add them to the My Contacts section in the system. Using a “campaign” you can send personalized versions of your resume and cover letter to your contacts.

My Calendar
Schedule reminders to follow up with potential employers. CareerShift will remind you to contact them via email. If you have a series of interviews coming up, CareerShift can remind you to prepare and conduct research beforehand.