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Fresno State Alumni

Our Bulldog Legacy: Alumni Stories of Fresno State

The Fresno State experience is a journey marked by exploration, excellence, inclusivity and a sense of community. Every Bulldog has a narrative, a tale of victory and an unwavering dedication to spreading the knowledge, values and respect they have learned as a Fresno State Bulldog.

Your Story, Our Legacy

Your alma mater is excited to offer you a stage to share the story of your Fresno State journey. This oral history initiative invites you, our alumni, to walk down memory lane and tell us your story in your own words. Once the collection is complete, these diverse stories will be woven together into a commemorative book celebrating our alma mater and its rich legacy.

This opportunity has been made possible through a partnership between the Fresno State and Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI). Alongside gathering stories, PCI will gather biographical information from alumni, to ensure that we can maintain the most accurate records to stay connected with our Bulldogs across the nation and beyond.

 Your story is integral to preserving the legacy of Fresno State and shaping its future narrative.


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The Fresno State legacy is vibrant and enduring. By sharing your story, you can connect with fellow alumni, evoke cherished memories, and inspire future graduates to follow in your footsteps. We're thrilled to capture your unique perspective and celebrate the impact you've made as a part of the Bulldog family!

‣ How to share your story

Alumni will be receiving a postcard and email from PCI with more information on how to share their story. Stories will be collected via a phone call with a trained member of the PCI team.

If you did not receive a postcard or email, you may call in your response via this telephone number: 800-735-5993

‣ Keep an eye out for…

PCI has currently been sending postcards and emails to our alumni. Simply follow the steps to update your information and set up a time to share your story with one of their staff members.

Postcard examples

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Email examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

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